The Green
Vision Comittee



When the first Trustees of the Green acquired legal title to the Green from the Presbyterian Church in 1816 for the benefit of the public, no provision was made for the maintenance of the property. Today, charitable organizations customarily require a donor of open space lands to provide some endowment for its maintenance. The Trustees have decided for various reasons that the time has come to provide an endowment of the Green in perpetuity.

A very detailed set of specifications for the maintenance of the Green was prepared by Russell Meyers, a former Commissioner of Parks and Forestry of the State of New Jersey, who was responsible for much of the land acquisition for our local parks. The Trustees retain a local landscape gardener to provide the ongoing maintenance to the satisfaction of the Board. The total operating costs in 2005 will be $80,000. Additional plantings and improvements of about $25,000 a year are necessary on a regular basis, which the Trustees funding by the Town can not provide.

The Trustees are committed to raising $3,600,000 for the permanent endowment to provide the necessary funding for annual maintenance, capital improvements and to keep abreast of inflation. It has already received $1,300,000 toward this goal. We have been approved as a qualified organization by the New Jersey Cultural Trust, which promises a 20% match of all certified endowment gifts of $100,000 or more. Such gifts will be recognized on a granite pedestal along the Green's Promenade.


Essential to the preservation of our values as a people, and of open space is the recognition by the public of a site's historical importance. The Trustees are committed to present this history by means of 5 way signs along the main walkway on the Green, telling of the significant events and buildings connected with the Green. A well known sculpture studio is producing life size statues of General George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and the Marquis de Lafayette conferring on the Green.

The center piece of the historic presentation will be the life-size bronze statues of the three most significant figures in Morristown during the American Revolution: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and the Marquis de Lafayette. The will be standing in the midst of a Colonial Garden on the northeast side of the Green, across from the Presbyterian Church. The sculptures will be created by Studio EIS, who did the 41 signers of the Constitution on display in the National Park Constitution Hall in Philadelphia. The will then be cast by Tallix, of Beacon, New York.

Way signs will be located on the interior perimeter walk opposite the former sites of historic significance, e.g. Arnold's Tavern, the Baptist Church Burial Ground, the Continental Stores, to tell the story about each.

A promenade 12 feet in width will connect t the present fountain and statues known as "Patriot's Farewell" to the Central Plaza. A stone bench about 56 feet in length, constructed of indigenous Puddingstone, will provide seating for musical performances on the Plaza. Set in the center of the Plaza will be a medallion with the outline of the United States, and the words "E Pluribus Unum" "From Many, One" to symbolize that we are all one people, irrespective of origin.

The Existing outdoor lighting will be improved, and extended to the exterior sidewalks which are owned by the Trustees to provide uniform light fixtures. The benches will remain, but will be repaired where needed. Tables for chess and checkers will be installed.

Lawn, tree and shrubs will be replaced or supplemented to provide an outstanding garden setting for the History of Morristown. The current estimated cost for this work is $794,503.